This is a blog about diceless roleplaying games. Mostly Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game. But also games that include games in a similar vein.

Since the game was published in 1991, the small but fierce fan base has contemplated, argued about, experimented, and tinkered with the light mechanics of the game. But the publishers of the game offer no new support, the fan base has slowed down, and content has disappeared from the internet.

This blog hopes to revitalize, curate, and centralize some of the ideas that have come from the fan base as well as develop new ones. The emphasis will be on Amber Diceless, but we will also celebrate other diceless games like Lords of Gossamer & Shadow and Nobilis.

The content you can expect will include house rules, game hacks, setting ideas, one-shots, campaign seeds, and reviews. What this will probably not include are character diaries, fan art, or fan fiction.

For questions, you can contact us at dicelessroleplaying in the land known as Gmail.

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