Pit of Vipers

One of the more interesting developments with Amber Diceless, Pit of Vipers is a one shot scenario run at AmberCon and AmberCon Northwest that features a more robust auction setup that builds more story between the characters. The auction itself has been reused multiple times because of the dynamic that it builds. These documents are shared with the permission of Guy Gascoigne-Piggford, Kristen Nyht, David Golden, and Jack Schleick.

You can download it here.

Below is the original game description.

Game Overview

“The familiar bonds of love and friendship may be formed in mere moments, whereas a seething web of hatred and deceit takes years to create.”

Fatherly advice from Oberon

The one great truth in Amber is that you can’t trust your siblings. While Zelazny told us this, we know very little of the early years in Amber and the cause of all those petty jealousies and hatreds. This game explores the nature of Amber’s love and hate, trust and suspicion, truth and deception with brand-new elders where the players create (or more likely destroy) the web of trust and innocence. When dark things threaten and opportunity looms, will your new elders rise above their hatreds? Or will the cycle of Amber begin anew?

This game will be heavy on role-play — be ready to really get into your character, and be ready to be vicious. The knives are out and the innocents will be slaughtered. And just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you.

Setting: Alternate elders Amber, before the events of the Chronicles.

Character Instructions: Characters will be 300-ish point Amber elders, created on site with a novel form of background creation. Details will be provided in advance by e-mail or at the convention. Advanced powers and cheesy items likely to be heavily restricted — this game is about interaction, not the powers. Yes, there’s an auction, and we know that usually sucks, but we promise that it will be worth it and will have a major impact on the web of hatred. Trust us. Wink, wink.

Players need not contact the GM(s) in advance of the convention.

Run History: ACNW 2001, ACUS 2002, ACUS 2003


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